www.LogiCFX.Net is a small web-development company that has been operational since 2001. With over 13 years of service we pride ourselves in delivering web solutions to our customers at the best pricing possible.

Composed of a handful of web developers with a combined market experience of over 30 years, we strive to deliver practical solutions that will help promote your online presence, and give you a money making publicity that will help you tailor your services to your customers.

Our development and design team is always easily contacted via e-mail, phone, teamspeak, or web support forms.

Never have a hard time reaching a web developer!

Our small development team provides personalized service to each one of our customers, and unlike big development firms you will always be able to contact the same individual directly! Personalized service means no waiting on the phone, no hoping the right person contacts you, no being transferred around. It also means that you can spend less time on the phone trying to get things sorted, and more time dealing with your clients, or working on generating more revenue.

What kind of services can www.LogiCFX.Net small development team provide?

Being involved in the industry with a combined experience of over 30 years allows us to tackle every aspect of development. From social media promotions, traffic generation, social media monitoring, routine maintenance, site repairs, site edits, site construction, our team is able to get you started or, develop a current project to maximize on your reach to the world. It is important to state that a proper website can help any business in promoting their brand. By reaching more customers you increase your chances of more revenue.