Personal Web Developers

At LogiCFX.Net we hold customer service to the highest level.

Having one single web development contact with us means, we organize, develop, and ensure that you are taken care of by one individual, helping you maximize on your time, and allowing us to provide you a true solution in all aspects of design and development.

How does this benefit you?

We have all gone through the experience where we call for customer service, and find ourselves in an hour long  session of our call being transferred several times, or even sitting on hold for prolonged periods of time. Having one developer means that you have a personal developer, who is not going to transfer your call, or even put you on hold for a prolonged period of time. Being in the industry with 20+ years of combined experience means that we are knowledgeable, able, and ready to tackle from the simplest to the most complex situation, while keeping your times value at its highest.

 Large companies have multiple developers working on a project, How can having a personal developer compete?

One of the biggest problems in web development happen when too many hands are involved in development of a new or an established site. The too many hands in the cookie jar scenario, means that the intention or even the vision of your website is lost, giving you as an end result something you are not pleased with.

At LogiCFX.Net we strive to maintain your vision and goals, and with our vast experience we make sure to keep the vision alive from start to finish.


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