Long Term Development

Long term web development is a service that we provide that allows you to engage with your developer anytime. This means that you will have a developer on retainer and allow you to have at your disposal a solution for any unforeseen problem that may occur.

Whether it is a simple fix, or a complex one, our developers will solve the issue in a timely fashion at any hour of the day or night.

This is beneficial for active sites that have other types of contents linked, such as social media, and even feeds from other allied websites. Also, a great solution for busy websites that handle a lot of traffic, or new websites that are growing, or forecasted to grow.

Having a website go down is not an ideal solution because it leaves your readers wondering what is going on. Service consistency from your web host, and your web developer are amongst the most important things regarding a website. A problem that breaks a website, means that your readers will be disconnected from your message. Disconnect readers often enough, and you will loose the hard earned reader base that initially made your website a success.

Proper web development is very important as it allows your business to grow!

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